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Post to your blog and stay up to minute with favorite feeds and discussions.

Get organized with widgets for everything from Main St. to Wall St.

Calculate & Convert
Measure twice, cut once. These widgets keep your calculations on the money.

You’re in command with widgets that speed up development tasks.

Track your email, find buddies, and send text messages to mobile networks.

Discover local restaurants and mouth-watering recipes from your Dashboard.

You should be working, but these widgets are sure to tear you away.

Know it all with widgets for weather, tides, astronomy and more.

Search Australia or Austria with this worldwide collection of widgets.

Just For Fun
Fun widgets to brighten up your Dashboard.
What’s on? Look up TV listings, track hot movies, and show up on time.

These widgets will have you singing, dancing, and tuning your iTunes.

Networking & Security
Manage and protect your wired world from your Dashboard.

Track the latest feeds from news agencies near and far.

Radio & Podcasts
Listen to live audio streams while you work or play.

From the essential to the esoteric, these widgets can ask anything.

Leave no stone unturned with quick and powerful search widgets.

Find deals, track orders and shop from your Dashboard.

Follow your favorite teams with widgets for scores, stats and TV time

No worries — monitor everything from disk space to battery status.

Get out the door on time with widgets for traffic, trains and timetables.

Plan your next trip with interactive maps and panoramic photos.

Visit the world through the eyes of these webcam widgets.