Artimis for Cincinnati Artimis for Cincinnati 1.1Freeware
Traffic information for Cincinnati, OH.
⬇Download 84K
Östgötatrafiken Östgötatrafiken 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches and real-time information for public transportation in Östergötland, Sweden
⬇Download 305K
Barcelona Traffic Webcams widget Barcelona Traffic Webcams widget 1.3 (Universal)Freeware
Widget for watching traffic webcams from Barcelona (Spain).
⬇Download 127K
BART Planner BART Planner 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Real-time display of train times and routes for SF Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).
⬇Download 163K
BART Widget BART Widget 1.03 (Universal)Freeware
Self-contained trip planner for the BART train system in Northern California.
⬇Download 1190K
BARTsmart BART Widget BARTsmart BART Widget 0.7.5 betaFreeware
Real-time BART train schedules and news
⬇Download 130K
BC Ferries Widget BC Ferries Widget 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Dashboard Widget for BC Ferries Webcams
⬇Download 233K
Belgische Treinen Widget Belgische Treinen Widget 1.1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Find out how to travel by train in Belgium (in Dutch).
⬇Download 266K
Benzinpreis-Widget Benzinpreis-Widget 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
The current price level of gasoline, super, superplus and Diesel from Germany directly on a view in the Dashboard.
⬇Download 600K
Bicing Widget Bicing Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
With this widget, you’ll know how many bicycles or free spaces are in your Bicing stop (in Spanish).
⬇Download 467K
Bilbao Traffic Webcams widget Bilbao Traffic Webcams widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Widget for watching traffic webcams from Bilbao (Spain).
⬇Download 237K
Blekingetrafiken Blekingetrafiken 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for public transportation in Blekinge, Sweden.
⬇Download 303K
Bologna Traffic Bologna Traffic 1.2 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic status in real time on Bologna Italy.
⬇Download 88K
Brandstofprijzen Brandstofprijzen 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Shows the most recent fuel price information and gasstation location for the Netherlands.
⬇Download 134K
Brighton Bus Times Brighton Bus Times 1.15 (Universal)Freeware
Displays the next bus at any bus stop served by Brighton & Hove buses in the UK.
⬇Download 100K
BUSPlan BUSPlan 1.2 (Universal)Freeware
Widget to display suburban traffic station timetables (busefa.esd files) from the EFA servers (German only).
⬇Download 271K
Chinese Train tracker Chinese Train tracker 0.2 (Universal)Freeware
This widget provides a Chinese train timetable.
⬇Download 358K
CTA Bus Tracker Widget CTA Bus Tracker Widget 1.0.3 (Universal)Freeware
View estimated arrival times for Chicago Transit Authority bus routes.
⬇Download 213K
Firenze Traffic Firenze Traffic 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic status in real time on Firenze (Italy).
⬇Download 88K
Georgia Traffic Georgia Traffic 1.02 (Universal)Freeware
Displays maps of Atlanta- and Macon-area traffic conditions from the Georgia Department of Transportation.
⬇Download 171K
Glion Glion 1.2Freeware
This widget displays the level of congestion in the Glion tunnel in Switzerland. It gathers its information from the website
⬇Download 220K
Hallandstrafiken Hallandstrafiken 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches and real-time information for public transportation in Halland, Sweden.
⬇Download 301K
HK Traffic Lite HK Traffic Lite 1.2Freeware
The gateway to monitor Hong Kong Traffic.
⬇Download 49K
Houston Traffic Map Houston Traffic Map 1.6 (Universal)Freeware
Displays Houston Transtars live traffic maps.
⬇Download 146K
Italy Traffic Italy Traffic 1.2 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic status in real time on Italian freeways.
⬇Download 108K
Jönköpings Länstrafik Jönköpings Länstrafik 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches and real-time information for public transportation in Jönköping, Sweden.
⬇Download 304K
lastExit lastExit 1.0.0Freeware
A widget that shows you a minimal train schedule — information is read from an online iCal-file.
⬇Download 136K
Länstrafiken Jämtland Länstrafiken Jämtland 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for public transportation in Jämtland, Sweden.
⬇Download 305K
Länstrafiken Sörmland/Örebro/Västmanland Länstrafiken Sörmland/Örebro/Västmanland 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for public transportation in Sörmland, Örebro and Västmanland, Sweden.
⬇Download 312K
Lokaltrafik SL Lokaltrafik SL 0.1.1b (Universal)Freeware
Convenient widget for showing timetables for SL - Storstockholms Lokaltrafik in Sweden.
⬇Download 328K
London JamCams London JamCams 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Plan your journey a little better with the aid of these 77 London traffic JamCams.
⬇Download 476K
Madrid Traffic Webcams widget Madrid Traffic Webcams widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Widget for watching traffic webcams from Madrid (Spain).
⬇Download 153K
MBTA Bus Tracker Widget MBTA Bus Tracker Widget 1.5 (Universal)Freeware
Uses Boston's MBTA real-time tracking data to tell you when the next bus will be at your stop.
⬇Download 388K
Milan - Traffic Milan - Traffic 1.4 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic status in real-time for Milan, Italy.
⬇Download 87K
MPG Calculator MPG Calculator 1.0Freeware
Learn how much gas your car/truck/ironhorse/SUV is either guzzling or sipping with this MPG calculator widget.
⬇Download 55K
MVV Dashboard widget MVV Dashboard widget 0.964 (Universal)Freeware
Access Munich public transportation timetables.
⬇Download 594K
MVV Widget MVV Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
With this widget one can display the MVV plan.
⬇Download 485K
Napoli Traffic Napoli Traffic 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic status in real time on Napoli Italy.
⬇Download 88K
ND Road Conditions report ND Road Conditions report 1.0Freeware
Up to the minute road conditions for the State of North Dakota.
⬇Download 50K
Next IU Bus Next IU Bus 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Never miss the Indiana University bus again.
⬇Download 186K
Next Train VTA Light Rail Next Train VTA Light Rail 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Shows you when the next VTA light rail train will arrive at a given location.
⬇Download 33K
NextBus Widget Interface NextBus Widget Interface 3.0 (Universal)Freeware
Widget interface for NextBus vehicle tracking.
⬇Download 301K
NextMUNI NextMUNI 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Shows real-time arrival times for San Francisco's MUNI system. Uses the NextBus satellite system to keep you on schedule even if your train or bus isn't.
⬇Download 87K
NextTrain NextTrain 1.0Freeware
Tells you what time is the next Portuguese train.
⬇Download 48K
NS Storingen widget NS Storingen widget 2.0 (Universal)Freeware
NS storingen provides you with the most up to date information about the dutch railways (NS).
⬇Download 449K
OrariFS OrariFS 0.2Freeware
A small, unobtrusive widget that allows you to start a search of the Italian trains timetables right from your desktop.
⬇Download 365K
Ottawa Traffic Info Ottawa Traffic Info 1.0Freeware
A widget that cycles through Ottawa, ON Traffic Cameras for Hwy 417 and major city intersections.
⬇Download 58K
Paris Traffic Widget Paris Traffic Widget 1.3Freeware
Show Paris (France) Traffic. Regional maps and traffic indices.
⬇Download 124K
Raleigh Area Traffic Cam Widget Raleigh Area Traffic Cam Widget 1.2 (Universal)Freeware
Quick access to NCDOT traffic cams for the Triangle. Based on the Seattle Area Trafffic Webcam widget.
⬇Download 192K
Realtid Karlstad Realtid Karlstad 1.1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Displays the next bus departure in the city of Karlstad, Sweden.
⬇Download 150K
Realtid Lulé Realtid Lulé 1.1.3 (Universal)Freeware
Displays the next bus departure in the city of Luleå, Sweden.
⬇Download 137K
Realtid Lund Realtid Lund 1.1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Displays the next bus departure in the city of Lund, Sweden.
⬇Download 140K
Rejseplanen widget Rejseplanen widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Direct forward rate agreement (in Danish).
⬇Download 147K
Rome Traffic Rome Traffic 1.5 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic status in real time on “Grande Raccordo Anulare” in Rome
⬇Download 87K
SBB QuickSearch SBB QuickSearch 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Find train lines in Switzerland and other countries in europe.
⬇Download 563K
SeattleTraffic SeattleTraffic 1.0Freeware
A resizable widget that cycles through traffic conditions for the Seattle area.
⬇Download 148K
SigAlert Traffic Maps SigAlert Traffic Maps 2.1 (Universal)Freeware
Live traffic maps for all major US metropolitan areas.
⬇Download 70K
Skånetrafiken Skånetrafiken 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches and real-time information for public transportation in Skåne, Sweden.
⬇Download 316K
SL SL 1.0.1 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for Stockholm commuters.
⬇Download 204K
SL-Pendeln SL-Pendeln 1.0.1 (Universal)Freeware
Provides real-time information on the commuter trains of Stockholm, Sweden.
⬇Download 179K
Sounder Alerts Sounder Alerts 1.02 (Universal)Freeware
Get the latest updates on Sound Transits Sounder Commuter Trains.
⬇Download 304K
SYTADIN, Paris Traffic Map SYTADIN, Paris Traffic Map 1.0Freeware
Real-time Paris (France) traffic information based on the well-known
⬇Download 164K
TMB iBus Widget TMB iBus Widget 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
When will the bus 41 of Barcelona, Spain be coming? (in Spanish)
⬇Download 355K
Torino Traffic Torino Traffic 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic status in real time on Torino (Italy).
⬇Download 88K
Toronto Traffic WebCams Toronto Traffic WebCams 3.1 (Universal)Freeware
Displays over 200 highway traffic cams from around the Greater Toronto Area.
⬇Download 309K
Traffic Traffic 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Widget shows traffic, speed cams and weather in Frankfurt/Germany and region.
⬇Download 42K
Traffic Scotland Widget Traffic Scotland Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
The London JamCams Widget modified to show camera images from the Central Belt in Scotland.
⬇Download 550K Hotspot Widget Hotspot Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Shows the four roads with the worst traffic in 50 US cities.
⬇Download 62K
TrainTimes TrainTimes 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Live train times and service disruptions for UK stations.
⬇Download 434K
transWidget transWidget 0.2Freeware
A free Mac OS X widget for TransLink Bus Times in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
⬇Download 325K
TriMet Widget TriMet Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Get arrival times for the next bus in Portland, Oregon.
⬇Download 124K
Tube Widget Tube Widget 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Monitor the status of the London Underground network.
⬇Download 39K
Tunnelbana Tunnelbana 0.3 (Universal)Freeware
A widget for displaying real-time data from any tube station in Stockholm, Sweden.
⬇Download 10K
TuttoCitta TuttoCitta 0.1Freeware
A small, unobtrusive widget to start a search on Italian cities streets and routes from place to place.
⬇Download 399K
Twin Cities Traffic Cams Twin Cities Traffic Cams 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
View traffic cameras in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area.
⬇Download 128K
Twin Cities Traffic Map Twin Cities Traffic Map 1.2 (Universal)Freeware
Shows the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Twin Cities traffic map.
⬇Download 50K
U.S. Gas Price Look-up U.S. Gas Price Look-up 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Allows you to search for the cheapest gasoline prices in your area.
⬇Download 180K
UK Motorway News UK Motorway News 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Keep track of problems on the UK's motorways.
⬇Download 34K
UK Travel News UK Travel News 2 (Universal)Freeware
Realtime UK traffic news sorted by severity. Simply set your region or mode of transport. Click on an incident to see more detail.
⬇Download 80K
Upplands Lokaltrafik Upplands Lokaltrafik 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for public transportation in Uppland, Sweden.
⬇Download 308K
UWi UWi 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
View German MVV Timetables right on your Dashboard.
⬇Download 404K
Vancouver Traffic WebCams Vancouver Traffic WebCams 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Traffic webcams for the Greater Vancouver Area.
⬇Download 257K
Värmlandstrafik Värmlandstrafik 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for public transportation in Värmland, Sweden.
⬇Download 301K
Västtrafik Västtrafik 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for public transportation in Västra Götaland, Sweden.
⬇Download 335K
Västtrafik.widget Västtrafik.widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Shows real time departures for Västtrafik in the Gothenburg area.
⬇Download 369K
Vélotaf Vélotaf 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Bike to Work and Work to Bike in French.
⬇Download 249K
Velib' Velib' 0.3 (Universal)Freeware
Displays number of available bikes and emplacements at stations.
⬇Download 409K
VGN Dashboard Widget VGN Dashboard Widget 0.963 (Universal)Freeware
Access Nuremberg public transportation timetables.
⬇Download 437K
VRS-Info VRS-Info 1.1 (Universal)Freeware
Public transportation routes within the Rhein-Sieg area (VRS) right from your desktop.
⬇Download 155K
VVS Dashboard Widget VVS Dashboard Widget 0.966 (Universal)Freeware
Access Stuttgart public transportation timetables.
⬇Download 453K
WMATA Arrival Times WMATA Arrival Times 1.2 (Universal)Freeware
Mac OS X Dashboard widget displaying the arrival times for metro trains at a selected station.
⬇Download 44K
WMATA Service Disruptions WMATA Service Disruptions 1.2 (Universal)Freeware
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority service disruptions.
⬇Download 163K
X-Trafik X-Trafik 1.0 (Universal)Freeware
Quick route searches for public transportation in Gävleborg, Sweden.
⬇Download 301K
Yandex.Traffic Yandex.Traffic 1.0.2 (Universal)Freeware
Traffic situation in large russian and ukrainian cities real-time.
⬇Download 461K